SplitTicketing.com has not yet developed the tools to automatically identify and calculate split ticket savings on Eurostar, Eurotunnel and the other European rail tickets, this will be our next project.

You are however still able to book Eurostar, Eurotunnel and several other European rail network tickets, including those for passenger trains in Russia and luxury rail holidays using the price check and booking services listed below.

Eurostar Trains


EUROSTAR is a high-speed railway service connecting London with Paris and Brussels traversing the Channel Tunnel between England and France.

Split Ticketing, in conjunction with SNCB Europe, provides you with a one-stop-shop for train travel across Europe. This is a handy new portal that allows UK customers to book and print tickets for journeys departing on the Eurostar from London St Pancras International to top destinations in Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, France and Germany.

We've picked 135 of our favourite destinations and made themall bookable online for British customers. Not only that, but we've made them “home printable�? too. That means no queues or phone calls, no postage or pick up.

Eurostar runs services from the revitalised London St Pancras International station to Brussels and Paris. Many local trains stop at Ebbsfleet International for easy access from the M25 and other major routes, and some trains also stop at Ashford International for connections to and from domestic Southeastern trains services in Kent and along the south coast.

All Eurostar trains carry a buffet car serving a range of hot and cold snacks and drinks, and this is available for all passengers.

To obtain a Eurostar ticket price and book your train ticket securely online please use the real time train booking form on the left.

You can also buy tickets for all high speed European trains including but not limited to Eurostar, Thalys, ICE and other international trains plus if you need assistance SNCB have a U.K. contact centre filled with expert staff on hand to answer your questions and book your next rail adventure.

Traveling with Eurostar Trains is faster than by car and easier than by plane - so just relax, put your feet up and watch the world go by!


Russian Passenger Trains


At SplitTicketing.com, in conjunction with Real Russia, you can book single, return or multi-leg journeys within Russia as well as classic journeys such as the Trans-Siberian and Mongolian Express.

You can also book train journeys involving European countries that border or have direct rail links with Russia including China, Finland, Poland, Mongolia, Estonia and the Ukraine.

Real Russia is an officially accredited and bonded UK based Russian specialist travel and consular agency supporting tourists and business travellers alike. They also offer a 100% moneyback guarantee on all their consular services.



For all U.K. Passenger Trains on the National Rail Network
use the money saving split train ticket search and booking engine below and you could be pleasantly surprised with the split ticket savings you'll enjoy in addition to what you already save by purchasing your train tickets online in advance, even if you book on the day of departure!

Split Train Ticket Journey Planner

Split Train Ticket Journey Planner

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